A person who wants to find a job in the specialty quickly must be able to draw up a summary correctly. What is a summary? This is a document that allows the employer to assess the candidate’s professional abilities to the workplace, his additional knowledge and skills, as well as certain character traits. Correctly compiled summary is a hundred percent guarantee that the candidate will get to the interview.

An ideally written resume should not occupy the volume of more than one page of A4 paper. Brevity is the soul of wit! Reading your resume, the employer will necessarily pay attention to the ability of the candidate to express thoughts briefly and voluminously. Read the article on weaknesses in the resume to avoid common mistakes.

The summary should be written on a thick white paper in black font. It is best when the text is printed on a laser printer.

The text should be on one side of the sheet. If the information does not fit within one page, you shouldn’t continue writing a resume on the reverse side. Continuation should be written on the second sheet.

The text should not contain grammatical, punctuation and stylistic errors.

Don’t write by hand – no one will want to disassemble someone else’s handwriting!

Leave large enough fields. Don’t need photos, shading, patterns, frames – all this is smeared when copying and faxing. Give up decorative fonts, italics, underscores – this clutters up the text.

Try to avoid horizontal and vertical lines if possible. Use the standard Times New Roman or Arial font size from 10 to 14. Select the required headings and subtitles in bold type and size (remaining within the specified limits). Keep the identity of the design style throughout the entire document.

If the candidate for work receives a resume prepared in strict compliance with the above rules, the answer from the HR specialists with an invitation for an interview will come very quickly.

To write the best resume, look at the summaries of your colleagues, competitors who claim a similar position. Define your competitive advantages and be sure to describe them. Pay attention to what you thought was inappropriate in other CVs, and try not to repeat other people’s mistakes.